3.0 Introduction
Chapter Two explained about concepts of reading habit which are types of reading material, surrounding affect, technologies in reading habit and purpose of reading. As this research is going on, a data collection will be provided in this chapter. Data collection is important in this research as to make it as reference for further study in other chapter.

3.1 Sample

Our sample are male and female student at campus of University Malaysia Pahang (UMP). They are students from several faculties such as Faculty of Chemical and Natural Resources engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. We also want to find out the reading habits between students in differences races.

3.2 Data Collection Method
We will use the primary source data to collect data about reading habits around student. These primary methods that we use are by do surveys. This is because this method is most commonly used for a small-scale study. We only take a data for a sample from the population of student in University Malaysia Pahang (UMP).

For the surveys seasons, we use close ended question to get information from respondents. This is because we will get a feedback quickly as much and easy to us to analyze and to interpret. The question that we give to students is scale question. From scale question, we can used to gauge the accuracy of opinion or feeling or reactions from students. We use 4-point scale to get a data as:
Figure 3.2
3.3 Procedure
Data collection is the backbone of this study, therefore the sampling participant will be selected by picking randomly at ‘blok W’. Participant will be explained about the purpose of this study and will be given 10 minutes to respond to the items in the questionnaire. After the 10 minutes is up, the questionnaire will be collected.